Candelion. is a proactive all round music company providing an independent ethos and environment where artists, song writers and business advisors come together to use their experience, knowledge and creative skills to intelligently release quality music out into the world.

Active in areas including management, recording and publishing, we believe we have perfected a model of working in what we deem to be the modern way to bring music to the masses in today’s market. Partnerships and relationships have been developed over the past 7 years which enable us to plug our projects into networks of hard working, passionate and dedicated companies, teams and people just like us but on a global scale.

We take a view way beyond simply our front door to realise the capacity for music to have a global appeal and impact. Our aim is co-ordinate a bespoke, relevant approach around each project to cater to each release’s goals, ultimately tailoring towards a plan that will provide a sustainable career for the artist & a successful release for the label & team.

Pro. Independent Sustainable Music. Global Bespoke Each. Person Project